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star trek au where instead of saying “fascinating” spock says “bitchin”


It’s official, Janeway is my favorite captain. Sass, determination, and badassery all in one.

DS9 Drinking Game


A mix of my favorite DS9 drinking game rules. Pour yourself a glass of kanar and prepare to die.

Take a drink every time:

  • something isn’t working properly on the station

  • anyone says ‘DS9’ as the name of the space station

  • violence breaks out on the promenade ring

  • the wormhole is shown/opens

  • the station is shown from outside

  • the ‘cog’ airlocks are used/operated

  • Sisko threatens somebody

  • Odo is puzzled by humanoid behavior

  • Garak uses clothing as a euphemism for something else

  • Dr. Bashir suggests something patently unwise

  • Dax mentions any of her former hosts.

  • Dax gets hit on by someone.

  • Winn calls someone “child”. (Take two if she says it in a snide way.)

  • Ezri babbles. (Two if Ezri has an entire conversation without babbling.)

  • Whenever Dukat does or says something creepy

  • Damar drinks

    And then take a drink AND do an action every time:

  • someone rides the turbolift to/from the control room
    Action: say “going up?” or “going down?”

  • a shuttlecraft is shown
    Action: guess the name of the craft out loud

  • Odo shapeshifts
    Action: say “Jell-O!”

  • O’Brien uses the transporters
    Action: nostalgic sigh

  • Kira has a case of divided loyalties
    Action: put a drink in each hand and have a drink from both

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